Visual Merchandising in Shop Fitouts Create a Positive First Impression

01 December 2017

Customers shop with their eyes first before they ever touch a piece of merchandise. Even the style and condition of your retail establishment can help to sell your products. You should remember this as you plan for a new shop fitout. Your fitout must create a positive first impression of your business. Read on to discover the numerous elements in an effective fitout for your retail shop.

An Eye-Catching Storefront

Start a fitout with an eye-catching storefront that draws customers in off the street. The displays in the windows should be attractive and accurately portray the merchandise in your shop. You also need to advertise your present sales in the windows. Shoppers are always interested in bargains.

Attractive Wall and Floor Display Units

Hire a professional company to build and install custom wall and floor display units to exhibit your merchandise in that requires a bit of protection. Units such as these come with glass fronts or tops if necessary. Of course, if you carry clothing, you may also require enough hanging racks or shelves to exhibit your wares in the proper manner.

A Floor Plan with a Purpose

The floor plan of your shop fitout should contain a purpose, no matter which direction a customer traverses in your shop. Divide the store into sections, and be sure to allot each section to a specific category of merchandise, such as shoes just for one example. In addition, post a map of your store layout in a prominent spot to help guide your customers through their shopping experience in your store.

Wide Aisles for Easy Browsing

The aisles in your shop should be wide enough for easy browsing. Customers require space to pass each other without issues to feel comfortable walking through your establishment. When a store is confusing and cramped to travel in, the customers will search for a different shop to patronise.

Adequate Storage to Ensure a Clutter-Free Shop

The last item your fit-out needs to include is adequate storage of excess merchandise to ensure your shop stays clutter-free. Storage can be underneath display cases or shelves along with what is in the back room. When you keep your establishment neat and tidy during shopping hours, your customers will easily locate the merchandise that they intend to purchase from your store. An increase in sales is never a negative outcome.

Consider the above information the next time you have a professional shop fitout to ensure that it creates a positive first impression on all who walks by or into your store. BRL Contracting is eager to assist you with your retail or commercial fitouts. Trust us, and we guarantee a high-quality outcome.



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