Why Comfy and Creative Design in Store Shopfitting is Important?

10 October 2017

In today’s retail sales industry, comfy and creative store shopfitting design will do wonders in boosting customer volumes and product sales conversions. Shoppers are attracted and intrigued by creative fitouts in their favorite stores or new boutiques and shops. When merchandise is showcased artfully in appealing, well-lit display cases, on spacious counters and on easily reachable, neat and attractive timber shelves, customers tend to linger, browse and purchase more items. Modern consumers are especially attracted to comfy, casual displays that remind them of their daily home, office or school settings where they will wear newly bought clothing or use digital devices, books, sports equipment or home furnishings they purchase while shopping.

Main Reasons Why Comfy and Creative Store Fitout or Refit Design is Important

Comfy, cozy and creative design in store shopfitting is of major value and importance today for many reasons, including the following:

  • Shoppers Feel Relaxed in Familiar Settings. – When clothing, athletic equipment, bikes, car accessories or specialty food items are displayed creatively in cozy, creative setups that mirror a corner of a home entertainment room, den or outdoor grilling area, customers are immediately reminded of how much they will enjoy using this item in their daily lives. Because it prompts them to think right away of familiar and comfy home settings, the garment, bike, car seat cushion, laptop or digital tablet becomes even more appealing than at first glance.
  • Today’s Consumers Favor Casual Attire, Leisure Items and Home Furnishings. – In today’s fast-paced, often hectic lifestyles, consumers often like buying casual, comfortable clothing and items they can use for work at home, for leisure and when enjoying a much needed, relaxing vacation. Small digital devices that can be easily packed in backpacks and carry-on bags are popular, and casual sports and leisure clothing are always in demand. Comfy pillows, blinds or curtains, deck chairs and poolside tables are frequently bought by shoppers. However, all of these items sell best when showcased in creative, cozy display settings that feature the merchandise in familiar, yet enticing or appealing store displays. Expert shopfitters know that the latest reclining easy chair or sleek, glass-top bar cart will sell at much better rates when displayed in a cozy, colorfully decorated corner of the store that reminds buyers of a room at home rather than when mounted on a plain countertop in the middle of the store.
  • Hi-Tech Devices in Creative Displays Capture Customers’ Attention. – Shopfitters who are designing a fitout or refit for a store that features electronic equipment and digital devices are successful when they display these hi-tech items creatively. The latest large, wall-mounted TV, when displayed on a wall creatively painted with scenic ocean views or colorful, abstract designs will draw customers’ attention and increase consumer sales rates. Even iPhones, tablets and new laptop models will sell best when shown in appealing, well-lit glass showcases for clear viewing by customers. Either warm or cool hues for showcase backgrounds or shelving surfaces will attract and capture more buyers for displayed items.

When you choose BRL Contracting for your modern, creative commercial store shopfitting needs, you will gain impressive increases in customer volumes and sales rates for your merchandise and services. Serving the Melbourne area and surrounding regions for the last ten years, this expert team of shopfitting designers and builders is well prepared to perform an appealing store fitout or refit that will captivate and capture many new customers for your retail business. At the same time, your new store fitout will maintain your current loyal client base. This excellent contracting company will provide the finest quality commercial shopfitting solution to ensure your store’s continued and ever-increasing popularity and success.


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