Why Custom Cabinetry Is Ideal for Shop Fitouts Versus Knockdowns?

20 November 2018

When you think that there is no hope for your shop other than knocking all of it down to start a completely new fitout, think again. You may be able to accomplish ideal results with a lot less drastic approach that includes installing custom cabinetry. Knockdowns should be a last resort or when you need to move walls, electrical wiring and so on. You should not turn to them otherwise since they are very complex processes that are also time consuming and costly. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, enrich a fitout in such a manner that you will feel that you have a brand new store at the fraction of the price of a knockdown and rebuild. Further facts about why customised cabinets are ideal for shop fitouts versus the more extensive knockdowns in the following information.

Custom Cabinetry Costs Less Than Knockdowns

One reason that custom cabinets are ideal instead of knockdowns is that they cost far less to manufacture and install. You may have financial limits that prohibit a knockdown and rebuild, but the cost of custom cabinets most likely, will not exceed your available funds since you can adjust their features to conform to your budget.

Less Downtime Necessary for Installing Custom Cabinetry

Another benefit of opting for customised cabinets in place of a knockdown and rebuild is that there is less downtime necessary if any at all. Most of the time, these cabinets can be installed during the hours your shop is closed without losing you any daily sales or other business.

Custom Cabinets Provide Personalised Enhancement to Your Shop Fitout

An additional advantage of customised cabinets is that they offer you an opportunity to personalise each one to broadcast your brand in a unique fashion. This can make you stand out from your competitors. The messiness and complexity of a knockdown and rebuild may scare customers or clients off until all of the work is finished and therefore, cost you valuable profits.

Knockdowns Are Not Always the Answer for Shop Fitouts

While knockdowns have their place in shop fitouts when a drastic redo is necessary, they are not the first go-to answer in every case. When they are not merited, custom cabinets usually will fit the bill instead.

For further facts about why custom cabinetry is ideal for shop fitouts versus knockdowns and rebuilds, consult with BRL Contracting. We are experts in shop fitouts along with other quality services. Also, we serve all types of retail and pharmacy establishments along with other kinds of businesses.


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