Why Pharmacy Fitouts Should Be Well Organised

01 November 2017

Pharmacies play an important role in people’s lives since they dispense prescription medications and sell other personal products for the body. For this reason, all pharmacy fitouts need to be well organized. The layout of these fitouts needs to be both functional and attractive including the customer areas as well as the pharmacist’s storage and dispensing areas. While this may sound like an overwhelming goal, we show you some simple steps below to follow to achieve it successfully.

In-Depth Planning

It takes careful, in-depth planning to achieve a highly functional and attractive pharmacy fitout. You must consider every aspect of your pharmacy even if you think it is insignificant. By doing so, you will not overlook elements that you need to include in the original fitout instead of adding them later, which will cost additional funds.

A Smooth-Flowing Layout

The layout of your store needs to be smooth flowing from aisle to aisle and also from one section to another. Signs should denote each aisle and section clearly to point the way for customers. Customers also find it helpful when the aisle signs include the classification of products that are on each aisle.

Accessible Product Placement

Products need adequate space on the shelves so each one stands out easily to customers. Also, this will allow the customers to grab an item without knocking over another one. Remember to mark the price and other relevant information for each product on the edge of the shelf immediately in front of its location.

Create a Wheelchair-Friendly Environment

Pharmacies frequently have handicapped patients shop at them for medications and other products and some of them will be in wheelchairs. To better serve them, your counters, shelves and even displays should be wheelchair accessible. Also, automatic doors are another feature to include for these customers.

Ensure That the Exterior of Your Pharmacy Is Highly Visible

Another important part of your pharmacy fitout is to make it highly visible on the exterior to those passing by or in search of a pharmacy. Signage and attractive window displays are the ideal tools to utlise to accomplish this in an effective, attractive and attention-getting fashion.

When you follow the above steps, you will organise your pharmacy fitout in an optimal manner. This will result in an increase of customer satisfaction and higher profits. For further details about why pharmacy fitouts should be well organised, contact BRL Contracting. We are experts in all types of commercial fitouts from pharmacies to gift stores. Also, we supply quality site management to ensure that the fitout goes according to the plans, budget constraints and promised timeframe.


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