Why Should You Consider Customers’ Behaviour in Planning Your Store Fitout?

06 January 2022

Store owners have to consider a lot of things to make sure that their business will thrive and succeed. One of the things that they must consider is their store design.

By achieving a good store design, business owners can easily help them reach more customers, gain more revenues, and secure repeat purchases. A good store design can likewise provide an avenue to widen their market reach, educate people about their offerings and brand as a whole, and allow customers to express their insights or problems about their purchased products or acquired services.

But before a good store design can be achieved, store owners like you should plan your store fitout very carefully. One factor that you must consider in planning your store fitout is the customers’ behaviour.

The Essence of Considering Customers’ Behaviours

Since your store will be primarily catering to customers, you must ensure that its overall layout and design will be aligned with the behaviours of your customers.

When considering your customers’ behaviours thoroughly, the general characteristics of your store will surely cater to the way they move and think. Doing this can likewise prevent any discomfort that some customers may experience from other stores. Keeping them cosy throughout their stay inside your store can guarantee you more brand exposure, sales, and excellent impressions from them.

Of course, considering customers’ behaviours in planning your store can also help you and your employees in serving your customers and visitors optimally. After all, a great store layout can make the shopping procedure easier and more convenient for both shoppers and employees.

Integrate Customers’ Behaviours to the Store Fitout

There are several customers’ behaviours that you should consider in planning your store fitout. Some of these behaviours are as follows:

  • Vital Adjustments– One common behaviour of customers is to make vital adjustments upon entering the store. Most customers these days would make necessary adjustments upon entering the store and develop first impressions about the place. If your store is overwhelmed with products right away, customers will just turn back and go to another store. Alternatively, if your place has a decompression zone, your customers will be able to adjust and proceed with shopping.
  • Turning Right – Another behaviour of customers that you should consider is their inclination to turn right once they are inside the store. The majority of customers tend to turn right upon entering a store. And so, to make your store more profitable and appealing, the right side of your place must be filled with promotional displays. You must likewise arrange your store items and aisles in a right-to-left pattern. The left side of your store must then be allocated for checkouts and registers.
  • Space is Needed – One more customer behaviour that you should consider heavily is the need for personal space. Customers do not want to feel cramped while they are roaming around your store. Therefore, you must go for aisles that are wide enough for your customers to browse and move around. You must also provide extra spaces for the usage of shopping baskets and trolleys so they can move around, get their needed items, and reach the checkout areas conveniently.

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