Why Should You Maximise the Use of Shop Signage in Shopfitting?

22 November 2016

Shopfitting is the art of installing all the necessary elements into a retail store, including the signs. All of these elements work together to provide a quality customer experience. In this information, we offer an explanation of why you need to maximise the use of your shop signage to receive the ideal benefits from your shopfitting efforts.

Exterior Signage Broadcasts Your Location

Signage on the exterior of the building and possibly at the entrance to your parking lot, broadcasts your precise location. Customers will be able to find your establishment whether they are driving or on foot.

Department Signage Helps Customers Navigate Through the Store

Signs also are useful for notating the various departments of your store to help the shoppers navigate with ease through it. Without this type of signage, customers would wander aimlessly around and may leave out of frustration without purchasing a single item. Sales will never soar under these conditions. To prevent this, install attractive signs that the customers can view clearly from the aisles.

Price Signs Explain the Cost of Items

Another type of signs to use to maximum advantage is the price ones to display the cost of your merchandise. The placement of these signs is crucial since shoppers may mistake one product at a price that is meant for the one next to it. When this mistake occurs, the shoppers may complain at the check-out counter. Shoppers may not even plan to buy certain items prior to their trip in the stores until they see the price of them, so carefully place your signs.

Shop Signage Alerts Customers to Sales and Specials

Shoppers always are in search for signs that denote current sales or specials. Sale signage points the way to items your store is offering at reduced prices while signs depicting specials may show new products or the bonus products when you purchase a particular item just for two examples.

Signage Also Shows Customers the Location of the Bathrooms, Entrances and Exits

The last type of signage that you need to maximise use of is room signage that shows the customers where the exits, entrances and bathrooms are in your establishment. Customers will appreciate clarity of where these areas or rooms are in your store.

Certain shop signage may need to comply with local regulations, but you can receive additional guidance on shop signage and how to maximise the use on it in your shopfitting efforts by contacting BRL Contracting. We have the expertise to provide top-quality shopfitting signage and other elements to enhance the functionality and success of your store.


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