Costly Shopfitting Mistakes that Business Owners Should Avoid

08 June 2018

Shopfitting is a necessary aspect of owning a retail store, restaurant or other food related business, as it is an ideal way to stay relevant in a competitive atmosphere, and as an effective means to increase a company’s brand. However, business owners that undertake their own fit out often focus solely on upgrading their product presentations, and then later wonder why they don’t see their sales numbers rise accordingly.

There can be many reasons why expectations aren’t realised after a business fit out, as there are some common mistakes business owners often make when designing and redesigning their stores. Unfortunately, these common mistakes can cost a considerable amount of money to rectify, so it is advised to avoid them at all costs!

Here are some of the most common costly shopfitting mistakes that business owners should avoid:

Poor or inadequate lighting – it is understandable that business owners want to make sure that their items are displayed with an adequate amount of light, however, effective lighting throughout the store can be used to enhance the mood of customers in a way that allows them to conceptualise about the items they are going to buy. In this way, utilising accent lighting that will highlight specific product displays or areas of your store can increase sales as desired.

Not investing enough in customer satisfaction – prioritising product sales over customer satisfaction is a common mistake that business owners should avoid. If you can design your store in a way that makes customers feel comfortable about spending their money and time in your store, then they will return.

An effective shop fit out should also create an enticing entrance area that will give a positive first impression, and that will influence customer behaviour more than the products that are on display.

Practical and direct signage – it’s true, signage that is properly displayed can be as effective as any sales person who helps customers find their way to your business, and then to the products or locations in your store. It is advised to place attractive and clearly readable signs wherever appropriate.

Lacklustre displays – while it is important to have displays that can accommodate many products and items, they need to be eye-catching and attractive enough to grab the attention of customers. Basically, displays should attract customers and inspire them to linger long enough to examine your merchandise.

If you want to avoid costly shopfitting mistakes, then consult with BRL Contracting, our experience and expertise will help you achieve the results you desire – increase your sales numbers.


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