Redesigning and Refitting Your Pharmacy: What are the Most Important Things to Consider?

25 July 2018

To ensure that a pharmacy continues to serve customers in an efficient, attractive manner, there may be times when it requires a facelift. Redesigning and refitting your pharmacy can not only enhance its ambiance but also its effectiveness in serving customers. Before you finalise your plans for your remodel project, you should learn about the following most important things to consider in order for the final results to benefit you in an optimal fashion.

Plan Thoroughly

The first important consideration to keep in mind is that you need to plan all aspects of the redesign and refit to ensure that you cover every section of the store. One missing element could negatively affect the outcome of your efforts.

Dispensary Section Should Be of an Open Design

Today, customers like to see the pharmacists at work. For this reason, when you remodel your pharmacy, you need to include an open-design dispensary section. Also, this section should contain adequate shelving to guarantee sufficient space for your prescription medications and supplies. Your pharmacists will be able to work with greater efficiency and accuracy as a result of this setup for the dispensary section.

Shelves Need to Provide Uncluttered Access to Over-the-Counter Products

Shelves in the main part of the pharmacy should offer uncluttered access to all of your over-the-counter or OTC products, whether they are medicinal items or other offerings. Remember that customers enjoy browsing through the products when they are on display in a non-crowded manner.

Install Eye-Catching Wall Décor That Helps Promote Your Brand

Your wall décor should include attractive features and colours that help you promote your brand while it looks aesthetically pleasing. While some of this décor needs to be signage, other elements can be simple things such as the wall colour.

Spacious Checkout Counters

To facilitate the checkout process, your pharmacy counters should be spacious at the registers. After all, your customers will need to place their merchandise and possibly their purses on them. The more products that the counters can handle, the faster your cashiers can check your customers out to let them pay and be on their way.

Adequate Illumination Is a Necessity

Do not forget about redesigning your lighting options if your present ones fail to provide sufficient illumination for your employees and customers to navigate and read clearly anywhere in your pharmacy. Customers will not buy many of your items if they cannot read the labels. Also, the lack of illumination will drive them away instead of lure them to your location. Your employees, especially the pharmacists, could make crucial mistakes in their jobs without adequate lighting.

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