Small Space? Small Budget? Tips on How to Maximise Your Shop Fitout Project

13 August 2018

Even with a limited budget and a small shop, you can maximise your shop fitout effectively to entice customers to shop at your establishment. In fact, small spaces often turn into unique jewels fitout wise since they require a bit more imagination to fitout than larger spaces do to fitout. All you need to do to be successful with the layout and design of your shop is to keep in mind the following tips on how to maximise your shop fitout project.

Know Your Budget

Analyse your budget constraints closely to ensure that your project does not exceed what you can afford to spend on it. Many times, retail shop owners underestimate what they can handle and this leads to going over their budget. Also, plan thoroughly in order to receive an accurate quote.

Repurpose Existing Shop Fixtures and Furnishings

An effective way to maximise your fitout budget is to repurpose existing shop furnishings and fixtures as much as possible. Only add new things when needed.

Use Floorspace Wisely

Our first tip is to utilise your floorspace wisely. At times, a centre aisle with displays on each wall is the ideal way to fitout our shop depending upon the shape of it. You can customise this idea to suit your specific needs. Remember that your layout should facilitate your customers’ navigation through your shop.

Build up With Displays to Help Conserve Floorspace

Use the height of your store to display your wares to conserve your floorspace. Often times, small shop owners ignore this possibility and underutilise their walls.

Install Elements That Create an Illusion of More Space

Display units and elements should not be bulky in nature, but instead be of a minimalist design. Also, install mirrors on the walls behind the display units. Both of these suggestions help create and illusion of more space.

Allow Natural Light to Flow in Whenever Possible

Let the sunlight flow in during the day whenever you can since this brightens the shop and makes it appear a bit larger than it is. At closing, you can always pull the drapes or shutters for privacy until the next business day. Another benefit of utilising natural light in this fashion is that you may just lower your power bill in the winter months since sunlight does provide some passive heating.

For further tips on how to maximise your shop fitout project, consult with BRL Contracting. With our many years of expertise, we can guide you the best fitout for both your small shop and your limited finances. We will work closely with you to provide you with optimal results.


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