Sustainable Shopfitting: What Retailers Should Know Before Going Green

31 January 2019

Since we understand the need to conserve our natural resources today, individuals are not the only ones who are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon. Many businesses are too, including retailers. If you are a retailer who has not yet made this transition, you may be at a loss of how to go about it. We are here to clear the confusion by providing you with the following suggestions on how to accomplish this goal in an effective fashion.

Install Energy-Efficient Lighting

One of the top things that you can do to go green is to install energy-efficient lights throughout your retail store. LEDs are a prime example of this type of lighting since they last for a long time without requiring replacement.

Use Non-Toxic Paints and Finishes

Apply non-toxic paints and finishes to your retail surfaces, including walls, cabinetry, floors or other related surfaces. These paints and finishes have low, if any, volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which can pollute the air. This keeps your air quality high and less risky for those customers with allergies or sensitivities to the VOCs.

Include Environmentally Friendly Building Materials in Your Shopfitting

To go green, you also must focus on including environmentally friendly building materials in your shopfit project. Examples of these materials include wood from renewable sources, recyclable steel and Zero MDF boards.

Add Live Plants When Possible

You may not think that adding live plants to your establishment is a step towards going green, but it can help clean the air when you choose the right plants. In fact, if you have an empty wall to spare, fill it with plants and make a living wall. Examples of air-cleaning plants are:

• Devils ivy
• Dwarf date palm
• Peace lily
• Philodendron
• Spider plants

Recycle Whenever Possible

Part of you going green is recycling whenever possible ranging from aluminium cans to cardboard. Check with your local recycling company to learn how to sort your items correctly to deliver them to the company or many times, these companies will pick up. The recyclable items can be turned into new products and save on the need for raw ore and other materials that can drain our natural resources down to dangerous levels.

For additional details what you should know about going green with sustainable shopfitting, consult with BRL Contracting. We specialize in sustainable shopfitting for all types of retail establishments, including pharmacies, hair salons, tea shops and more. Also, we offer project management, interior fitouts and building maintenance upon request. Browse through our ‘Gallery’ page to see examples of our skilled work.

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