The Impact of Technology in Shopfitting

14 February 2020

It could go on without further denial that every aspect of our lives is being affected by the advancement of technology. The boom in smart devices and social media has created an everlasting change to the way we interact and the way we buy products and services. There is no industry unaffected, including the supply of shop equipment and the trade of shopfitting. This is clearly evident since most shops now have websites and many of them have started to sell online.

Now many would wonder if the technology nowadays might render the store business futile since an easier and more convenient approach is offered by online shopping. However, many would agree that rather than making shopfitting futile, technology can significantly improve its existing condition. Below are the impacts of technology in shopfitting.

Shopfitting Benefits from Websites

When a website is created the designers want to encourage the customers to buy. They also want them to keep coming back and spending. They carry out a lot of research into the demographic they are trying to appeal to and learn how to attract them to their site, and then make more effort to try to convert their visit into a purchase. Good website designers go to great pains to make sure this happens, just like good shopfitters have been doing for many years for retailers.

Technology Offers Trendier and Up-to-Date Details for Shopfitters

The shopfitting industry was around long before the website design industry, and has a huge reserve of knowledge about attracting customers. It has had to evolve to take into account the new buying trends, but now the role of experienced shopfitters is more important than ever.

Technology Offers Consistency in Digital and Physical Stores

Some brands have achieved great success by ensuring their website and stores look the same. For the consumer going into one of their stores is simply a continuation of their digital presence. The colour schemes and designs all match, and this gives a feeling of familiarity making them more likely to buy, and more likely to return.

Technology Improves Store-Customer Relationship

Stores need to provide a great customer experience every time someone enters their shop. Retailers, suppliers of shop equipment and shopfitters have all had to change their approach and realise the customers that walk through the door need to feel happy and content to be there. If they don’t, it’s unlikely they will return or recommend your business to friends or colleagues.

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