The Importance of Shelving Systems When Shopfitting a Pharmacy

09 October 2018

For a pharmacy to be a successful business venture, it must first be set up correctly. The shopfit for this business will contain many elements but none are more important than the shelving system that it contains to display products and to store prescription medications on behind the service counter. With the right systems, the pharmacy will be highly organised and allow the customers and pharmacists to locate all necessary products and/or medications with ease. We provide you with additional facts about the importance of shelving systems when shopfitting a pharmacy in the following details.

Shelving Systems Allow Customers to Locate Products with Ease

The first advantage of installing a shelving system in your pharmacy is the fact that it allows you to display over-the-counter or OTC products in such a way that your customers can locate all of their needs with ease. You can group brands together in a non-cluttered fashion. Also, you can give fast sellers priority placement and display slow movers lower down on the shelves if you so choose. There are endcaps available with these systems that are ideal to highlight sale products. Customers are drawn to pharmacies that are easy to shop in and will avoid those that complicate their setups and make them difficult to navigate.

Shelving Systems Keep the Prescription Medications Highly Organised

When you install the right shelving system in your prescription area, it helps to organise the area. Pharmacists will be able to store all the medications in a highly visible, non-crowded manner, which will enable them to locate them quickly and accurate to serve your customers in a quality fashion. If you fail to provide such a storage system in this area of your shop, the pharmacists could make mistakes in fulfilling prescriptions orders and this could result in serious issues for your customers and for that fact, your business.

The Right Shelving Systems Create an Attractive Ambiance for the Pharmacy

Another benefit of shelving systems being installed in a pharmacy shopfitting is that they help create an attractive ambiance in the shop. Add adequate lighting and various d├ęcor elements for the optimum attractive atmosphere. Also, these systems make it easier for your employees to stock and restock as necessary.

For further facts about how important shelving systems are with pharmacy shopfits, consult with BRL Contracting. We specialise in providing highly functional pharmacy shopfitting results along with other types of shopfitting, site management, interior fitouts and building maintenance. Upon request, we will meet with you to discuss and analyse your needs, preferences and location size. With this information, we can formulate a quote for your specific shopfit.


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