The Right Questions to Shopfitters in Melbourne for a Cost-Effective Fitout

01 May 2019

When you are refurbishing your present shop or setting up a new one, a major concern of yours is that the shopfit results will help make your business a success. Not only does it need to be a cost-effective project, but it also needs to be highly attractive and functional. The only way to accomplish all of these features is to hire the right shopfitter here in Melbourne. To ensure that you locate a reputable one to perform your shopfit, we provide you the following questions to ask a shopfitting company prior to hiring it.

1. Does Your Company Specialise in My Type of Shopfitting?

This question is important since your shop may be a specialty one that requires a unique setup in comparison to the other types of retail stores around you. In addition, a company that is an expert at your type of shopfit will deliver more effective results.

2. Do You Offer Complete Design Services?

It is a hassle to need an outside architect and designer. Try to find a shopfit company that provides complete design options and services, so you can just deal with one company.

3. Do You Work Closely With Me to Incorporate My Ideas Into the Shopfit?

Any shopfitting company that will not listen to your ideas is not the one for you. After all, you are investing a great deal of money in your shopfit and are entitled to your input into the project.

4. Can You Perform My Shopfit Within My Budget?

Another important fact to find out is if the shopfitting company can perform your project within your budget. The last thing you need is financial surprises during the project that run over your budgetary limits.

5. Will You Complete the Shopfit on Time?

Typically, the timeframe of a shopfit project is of the utmost of importance. The longer you are not open for business, the more your profits will be negatively impacted. Find a shopfitting company that will work diligently on your project in order to finish it as soon as humanly possible.

6. Do You Assign a Project Manager to My Shopfit?

The role of a project manager is to be certain that the crews follow the plans accurately and do so with highly skilled workmanship. When the right project management is provided for a shopfit, the project proceeds smoothly and turns out more favourably.

For additional questions to ask shopfitters in Melbourne, consult with BRL Contracting. We will even provide you with our own answers to all the questions. By the time you finish talking with our company, you will agree that BRL is the best shopfitting company for your project.


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