Gain More Customers with the Right Retail Store Fitout in the New Normal

14 February 2022

Retail stores are meant to provide for the needs and wants of customers. Some may be intended to sell affordable clothing, while others are established to provide the best food out there. The variety and quality of offerings that the stores can provide could easily affect the performance of their businesses.

But aside from their offerings, the performance and reputation of retail stores can also be affected by their fit-out. The way retail stores are designed and built can significantly tell how customers perceive their businesses. With a store that has a good fit-out, customers are expected to be enticed, encouraging them to enter the store, purchase some goods, and recommend it to their family, friends, or colleagues. A bad retail store fit-out, alternatively, can deter people from entering and recommending the establishment.

If you want your store to gain more customers in the new normal, you must ensure that it has the right fit-out. Here are some things that your store should possess to have a good fit-out.

Suitable Floor Plan

One of the things that your store should possess is a suitable floor plan. Store owners like you can choose from a wide array of floor plans for your establishment. If you are managing a grocery, hardware store, or pharmacy, then you must opt for a grid floor plan. This layout can be good for you as it features rows of shelves and aisle spaces in between them. Alternatively, if you own a clothing store, you must opt for a loop floor plan as it can guide customers around the perimeter of the place. Ultimately, a free-flow floor plan would be best for you if you want to highlight specific offerings.

Ease of Navigation

Another thing that your store should possess is the ease of navigation. Customers can easily be enticed by your store if they could navigate its aisles efficiently. Opting for a loop or a grid floor plan means that your aisles must be wide enough to ensure easy navigation. Going for a free-flow floor plan likewise would have enough spaces for the displays or product highlights so that customers can walk in between them without bumping into others.

Adequate Lighting

Aside from a suitable floor plan and easy navigation, your store must also have adequate lighting to achieve a good fit-out. Customers can easily check, assess, and pick their wanted products as long as your store is illuminated properly. Having a variety of light options inside your store can help it highlight your main products, light up key areas of the place, and set its overall mood. Specific lights may likewise be installed so that signs and labels can be lighted up properly. When choosing the lights for your store, you must consider their colour temperature, quantity, and energy requirement.

If you want your store to have a good fit-out in the new normal, feel free to call us at BRL Contracting. We can deliver a complete fit-out service from design & construction to providing quality tradespeople and management to fit your needs.

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