Interior Design and Reasons Why It Matters a Lot in Shopfitting

31 July 2020

Shop owners spend a lot of time just to make their business profitable. From their offerings to the way they interact with customers, they will always try to capture their target market and reach their business goals and milestones. One aspect of the business that they tend to prioritise is their store appearance.

For the last couple of years, online stores have been popularised thanks to the additional features set by major online platforms. However, physical stores still dominate when it comes to selling products and services since personal interactions make everything feel more secure and legitimate. The number of customers who are still willing to see the actual products before making any purchases is still plentiful. Thus, proper shopfitting must still be done to cater to this type of customer.

Basic Aspects of Interior Design

One element that can significantly help business owners when it comes to shopfitting is interior design. The interior design of a store is significantly different from the one that is applied to homes or residential buildings. Even the interior design for offices will necessarily not sit well with shops and stores.

Interior design, in general, is the art and science of improving and enhancing a building’s interior based on several factors, which are all researched and planned by an interior designer. All the interior improvements provide an appealing environment for the people to use the space appropriately and accordingly. Interior design typically works in improving space efficiency, lighting and colour effects, textures and layout, patterns, scale and size, and many more. Even the fittings and equipment are considered alongside the wall, ceiling, flooring, and other related building components.

Interior Design and Shopfitting

The application of good interior design in shopfitting helps enhance numerous factors of a store. One of these factors is the sightlines. A great sightline helps a store provides customers with easy visual product access and removes any unnecessary blind spots. Another set of factors that interior design look into during shopfitting is the ratio of merchandising and available storage Since a store cannot display all their products and stock, interior design ultimately helps sort out the best ones. Picking the best products and securing them to great locations can attract customers in buying them.

The curb appeal and customer flow of the store are also important in shopfitting. Before customers enter a store, they would usually check first if the appearance of the store is welcoming. Even if you offer great products, a store with a sketchy appearance can deter customers from entering. Another thing that turns off customers is the presence of customer congestion and overflow inside the store. This makes the customer flow factor important in considering the interior design of a shop.

Acquiring the help of interior designers for shopfitting is important since they know how to deal with the mentioned factors. They know how to draw the customer’s attention. They also honour the legacy of a specific space and integrate it into the branding of the shop. Interior design can also assist in making the store more welcoming to customers and highlight offerings effectively.

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